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Baked Pork Comfort Food

Our pork is not deep fried, we BAKE it with the perfect blend of heat and spices. It’s easy on your digestion, lower in fat content and has an amazing clean full flavor.

Blow up your senses!! Live the Porky Wow Experience!!

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We are located at 1101 Taraval St San Francisco CA 94116.

Our Food is unique, you can’t find it anywhere else.

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What is Chicharrones?

Pork confits (chicharrones in spanish) is a popular comfort food beloved in many world cultures. Good chicharrones are really hard to find due to their long and elaborated multi-temp process. Porky WOW! chicharron is a delicacy, 100% natural and nothing else than pork, spices and a magic touch of heat. Enjoy, Porky Wow Team.

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Who we are?

We are a couple of CA Engineers and recent Thermochef Graduates. As Innovators we have revolutionized a high tech multi stage food process that maximizes heat and elevates pork production to a new level. We support local agriculture sources and have created a foundation of sustainability. We are committed to quality and freshness and believe in farm to fork culinary values.


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